Architectural consultant, illustrator and full-time concept artist for one of the bigger videogame companies.

But who is this Rambozo exactly ?

Well, my story started back years ago in France; so don’t let the hear-say fool you : I was not beamed down by Scotty.

I grew up in Tunisia, Texas and then the French Riviera before I landed here in Montréal.  We were on the move quite a bit when I was a kid, sometimes seems like I grew up in airports, but that's all good : got the bug now so I've been ramblin’ on ever since.  Even fetched my bush-pilot wings when I was 17.  That would also be the year I ditched flying in favour of attending university in Architecture, ended up with a bachelor's and master's to my name.

Other than that I'm into all the subcultural-hooligan-gunslingin'-old school-biker-rock n' roll-lowbrow-ness you can think of and am always lookin' for a cool project to work on.

Feel free to contact me via email with any questions.


*You should be warned, there might be a few nudies amongst the pieces.*


Switched jobs, workin' for Eidos now !

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